Preposition: Notes to Note: One

Posted on: September 17, 2010

accuse of :
He was accused of robbing the bank. (not for)
afraid of :
My mother is afraid of cats.
angry at, angry with:
We are angry with a person; angry at something the person does or says.
My father was angry with my prodigal brother.
My father was angry at my refusal.

approve of :
The Principal approved of the student’s plan to conduct a survey.
arrive at :
I usually arrive at the school at 8.45.a.m
After a protracted discussion, they arrived at an amicable solution.
cure of , cure for:
The doctor cured my aunt of her bronchitis.
The imported drug he gave cured her of the illness.
When cure is a remedy , it cure for.
There is no known cure for common cold.
Ginger is a cure for flatulence.
live: the cow lives on grass.
His wages are sufficient for his family  to live on.
When ‘live’ means ‘to earn a living’ , use ‘by’.
Raj lives by farming.

make and made:
Flour is made of wheat. (the substance is not actually changed but only changed into another object)
His jackets are made from the finest leather.( a substance changed into another and a new substance is formed)

The teacher was pleased with the student’s progress.
We are pleased to know of your success. ( use of an infinitive entails the use of ‘of’ here)
sit: sit at a desk, on a chair, , in a bus, in a room.
sorry for, sorry about:
We all feel sorry for the injured soldiers. ( sorry for someone)
We all feel sorry about the unfortunate accident. ( sorry about something)
useful to a person, useful for something.
The essay is useful to me.
The essay is useful for the exams.
Write in, write with:
The article was written in pencil/in ink. ( the appearance on the paper)
Write the points in pencil.
Draw the margin with a pencil.( as an instrument used )
Sign the document with a pen.     
Yield to, yield up      
The Ministers had to yield to the pressure of the protesters. (surrender)
They were compelled to yield up some of their vluables to the treasury. (give up)


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