Grammar Revision Test

Posted on: January 4, 2010

____Grammar Revision Test___________040110
Time: 30 minutes Max Marks:    15
Question 1
a) Rewrite the following sentences correctly according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes that may be necessary but don’t change the meaning of the sentence. [10]
1.Supposing it is an emergency, we should act immediately. (Use: provided…)
2.It is admitted that he is the greatest leader. ( Begin: All …)
3.Be honest and you will be respected by everyone. (Use: Everyone…)
4.Gullible as he is as, he was not taken in by the fraud. (Begin: In spite of…)
5.My father was very charitable to everyone. (Use: the correct form of treat)

6.Had Richard known what to do; he should have saved much time. (Begin: If…)
7.This rumour is incredible. (Begin: This rumour cannot …..)
8. The new budget made the public glad.Begin:The public…)
9.”How prophetic was Cassius’ words that day!” said the soothsayer.(Change the narration)
10.The students said,” Let there be no tests today.” (Change into Reported Speech)
Question 2
Complete each of the sentences by using an appropriate word in the blanks. [5]
1.There was a steep decline ____________ the standard of education for the last decade
2.The peasants believed that rain was the source _________ God’s will.
3.At the end of the day, there is no alternative ___________ hard work.
4.Achilles was a lot more valiant __________ Agamemnon.
5.The foreigner wanted to know how to get ___________ the airport to the hotel.
6.He did not focus on the studied because ____________ a distracted mind…
7.A favourable atmosphere is provided in the school ___________ the pupils.
8.I prefer fast food ___________ any other food.
9.The common man rejoiced __________ the President’s declaration.
10.He revenged himself ________enemies.


2 Responses to "Grammar Revision Test"

where can we get the answers for these questions ?

If you really need the answers, I will provide them.

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