Grammar Exercise

Posted on: December 9, 2009

Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Make necessary changes without changing the meaning of any of the sentence.

1. The thieves ran away when they heard the dogs bark. (Begin: Hearing…)
2. Only the poor deserve the relief. (Begin: None…)
3. If you eat more, you will become sick. (Begin: The more…)
4. The teachers did not approve the mischief of the students.( Change the voice)
5. All hope the Summit will bring a relief to global warming.(Begin: It …)

6. If I were you, Graham, I would call the doctor. (Begin: He advised…)
7. That he achieved the goal gladdened him. (Use: the noun form ‘achieve’)
8. Though there was heavy security the mob looted the shops. (Begin: Despite…)
9. I have never seen such a savage spectacle. (Begin: Never before…….)
10. Gita said, “Mohan, unless you catch a taxi, you will not reach Chennai today.”
11. (Change into Reported speech)
Question 2
Fill in the blanks with the apt form of the verb given in brackets             
1. All the boys…… [gather] in the school hall before the guest….. [arrive].
2. He …… [feel] hungry because he ….. [not eat] anything for many hours.
3. The fire…. [spread] to the next house before the fire brigade …. [arrive].
4. Rajan …..[work]in the company for a number of years before he … [force] to quit.
5. He …… (shout) at the children, when I …..(enter) his house.
Question 3
Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions:
1. A place of worship should promote an air …… spirituality peace.
2. Robert has been suffering ……… influenza since last week.
3. He went out …………. meet his friend..
4. The political leaders take a different stand …… this issue.
5. James insists ………. an apology for the misbehaviour.


4 Responses to "Grammar Exercise"

i would be grateful if u would let me know the 5th & 6th answer of 1st bit……NAVYA MENONSRI SAI PUBLIC SCHOOLHABSIGUDA

I will be posting the answers to most of the questions in grammar in installments. Visit the site regularly.The answers you needed are :5. It is hoped (by all) that the Summit will bring a relief to global warming./It is hoped (by all) that a relief to global warming will be brought by the Summit.6. He advised Graham to call a doctor.

need ans for – Q.1.(3) – Q.3.(all)Nishant PandavSmt.Sulochanadevi Singhania School (thane)

heyjust need ans for -Q.1.(3) -Q.3.(all)Nishant PandavSmt.Sulolochanadevi Singhania SchoolThane(west)

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