Comprehension :Poem

Posted on: February 8, 2009

Question 1 Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow:
Someone dropped a burning match
Unheeded by the way
It caught on fire some underbrush;
Its user did not stay.
From grass to brush from brush to tree
So stealthily it ran,

That no one ever guessed or knew
Just where that fire began.
Someone built a campfire
And failed to put it out.
A breeze came and quickened;
The embers spread about;
And soon the woods were blazing.
The fire spread and spread;
The trees that took long years to grow
Stand blackened now and dead.
Someone saw a little fire
As he was passing by.
He did not stop to put it out;
He did not even try.
He had not started it, of course;
He had no time to spare;
That it might start a forest fire
He did not even care.
a) Give the meaning of
1. Stealthily 2. time to spare
b) Answer the following questions briefly:
1. How did the fire start?
2. How did the fire spread?
3. What was the attitude of the passerby towards the forest fire?
4. Give a title to the poem. Justify the choice of the title.
C) Write a summary of the above poem in not than 60 words

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